OSOE Project

O.S.O.E., which stands for One Student One ERP is a program that we started after creating TioLive platform. As we were delivering pre-configured ERP5 instances to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), we had more and more requests from teachers to use the platform during their lessons. Moreover, when we worked with companies, we discovered that they were seeking for expertise around ERPs and there applications.

This is how came the idea to use TioLive platform as an educative tool. But that's not all.

New Way of Teaching

The O.S.O.E. project aims at creating a new way to teach management, accounting, etc. We believe that a significant gap exists between how management science is tought and how things are really going on within each company. By using open source ERP5 as a support for management lectures, we hope to trigger an evolution in the way management is tought, to captivate students and prepare them even better for the harsh competition of globalized economy.

Open Knowledge

O.S.O.E. is a collaborative project. Every contributions are welcome and every teaching material created are released under the Creative Commons License. We also believe that the more we share our knowledge, the most accurate will be this knowledge, following the principles of the Open Knowledge Definition and TIO Libre.

Collaborate with Real Companies

We already met many small and medium size businesses which are ready to participate in the project. Companies can provide students with real business cases and excellent training materials. It is essential for us that students work on real world case studies. If you are a company, if you lack time and you are looking for some help, please don't hesitate. We will find a student to help you.

Why future managers should learn how to code

We believe that in order to truly understand the management principles behind ERP Systems, it is necessary to understand how these systems are implemented in a company and to experience the implementation process oneself. Therefore, the O.S.O.E. lectures closely link management oriented classes with development oriented classes. In times of Internet Economy, this principle is more important than ever: Why business co-founders ought to learn code by Ben Parr.

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