How to add Partner to your Answer Set



This tutorial will show you how to add your partner to your answer set. Note: you and your partner just need to submit one answer set together. You can decide who will submit the answer set.

First step, click "Add Partner"

From the answer set that you want to add your partner to, click on the "Action" drop-down menu, choose "Add Partner" action.

Step two, type in your partner's email address

Please note, here you need to type in the email address that your partner used to register to the questionnaire system. Other email addresses won't work since the system will use this email address to search for a match in the person module of ERP5. After you type in the correct email address, click on "Add Partner Email" button.

Partner added, then click on "Save" button

After you click on "Add Partner Email" button from last step, you will be redirect to your answer set. First check if there is a system notice " Partner added" on the top left position. Sometimes you will get "Partner Not Found" notice,it is maybe because you didn't give the correct email address of your partner. If so, just repeat the steps above to add the correct email address. Then click on "Save" button to save your changes. Note: you may not be able to see the values of the fields in the blue rectangle on the screenshot above, which is normal. It doesnot mean that your partner wasn't added successfully. Just leave the fields blank there.

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