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TioLive is supporting the first "OSOE Summer Camp" which start two days before the CONFENIS 2010, at NATAL in BRASIL.

Professors: Learn by the example how to bring the latest technologies into your classrooms to teach modern management.

Professionals: Learn how to improve your sales efforts thanks to a free ERP/CRM/DMS system and get a free configuration.

Students: Experiment what is a ERP/CRM/DMS system and learn how to configure it for a specific use.

The OSOE Summer Camp 2010 consist of a free class about ERP/CRM/DMS which will be held by OSOE professors during those days. It is the best opportunity for everyone to meet the actors of the OSOE program.

In order to attend the event you must register to the OSOE Summer Camp 2010


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 23th to 25th August, a free 8 hours class about CRM with TioLive will be held. There will be four sessions of this class. Attenders must subscribe to the classes to be able to follow them. The program of the session goes as follows:

  • Workshop 1: Managing your contacts (1h20)
  • Workshop 2: Tracking customer interaction with events (1h20)
  • Workshop 3: Organising the events within Tickets (1h20)
  • Workshop 4: Create contact segmentation (2h)
  • Workshop 5: Create useful reports for Customer Relationship Management (2h)

On Thursday, 26th August, TioLive LLC developers will held a conference. The programs goes as follows:

  • Presentation 1: How to Join to TioLive Grid
  • Demo Session 1: TioLive Grid Demo (Video)
  • Presentation 2: Free Cloud Alliance and Future of the Cloud
  • Demo Session 2: Free Cloud Alliance Demo (Video)

Here is the planning of the week:


23th August

24th August

25th August

26th August**

08:00 am -

12:00 am

Session 1:
Workshop 1, 2 & 3

Session 1:
Workshop 3 & 4

Participation during the opening of CONFENIS 2010

Reserved for Confenis attenders

01:00 pm -

05:00 pm 

Session 2:
Workshop 1, 2 & 3

Session 2:
Workshop 3 & 4

Session 4:
Workshop 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
 OSOE & TioLive Conference

05:30 pm -

09:30 pm

Session 3:
Workshop 1, 2 & 3
Session 3:
Workshop 3 & 4

** On 26th the event will be only during the afternoon


The event takes place in Natal - Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

On Monday and Tuesday the workshops will be placed on IFRN (Instituto Federal do Rio Grande do Norte).

On Thrusday, the presentation sessions will be placed on Serhs Natal Grand Hotel (This can be changed).



Natal (lit. "Christmas", Portuguese pronunciation: [naˈtaw], nah-tahl) is the capital and largest city of Rio Grande do Norte, a northeastern state in Brazil. Natal is considered the safest capital city in the country. Read wikipedia article about Natal here.

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Confenis 2010 and the OSOE Summer Camp 2010 will be held at the Serhs Natal Grand Hotel. Conference attendees will get discounts on the reservation given that they fill in the reservation form through Confenis Website here.

You can also download files about your travel to Natal. Those files are available on Confenis Website and have been created by Embratur (Brazilian Federal Agency for Tourism), one supporter of Confenis 2010. You can find information about flight to/from Natal, about hotel poles, weather, cultural activities in the "Natal Showcase" and "Bidding Book".

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