How to setup ERP5 in VIFIB PaaS

This guide will teach you:

  • How to select and run ERP5 profiles
  • How to install ERP5 inside SlapOS Web Runner
  • How to inspect your work

Web Runner home

SlapOS runner is a web based development tool which uses slapgrid to install and instantiate the software

Web Runner interface

SlapOS Web Runner interface is simple, but allows to do all the basic tasks required to develop and test SlapOS profiles.

Open Software Release

In order to install the software is required to select ERP5 software profile accessing the Slapos folder with all software

Select ERP5 software

By clicking on ERP5 Software and Open Software button, you will be able to run the software installation

Run software

You need call several times the button to start compile the software. In the next, release it will be launched automatically


Instantiation is a short process, which is responsible for deploying installed software by using the instance profile.

As soon as deployment is done, partitions are started.

Please keep in mind that sometimes – especially when recipe uses a request method – it might be required to click

on "Run instance" several times.

Instance inspection

Instances can be inspected.

In SlapOS, supervisord is used to control the state (stopped, started) of partitions.

SLAP response (connection XML) contains all information to access your instance.

Browse Instance

You can browse partition content

SLAP response (connection XML) contains all information to access your instance.

And Edit Files

Stopping instance

It is possible to stop a running instances. In order to start them again, you should click on "Instance: Run" again.

Remove software/instance

Of course developer might want to remove a software or an instance – there are remove actions.

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