Tutorial 2
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Tutorial 2 by Unknown User at 2023/11/10


At the beginning of tutorial 1, Z Company was created. Will this remain the company name throughout the tutorial?

In tutorial 2 -in adding assignments, the manual states that the group must be the company name. In this case will that be the Z Company? 

Also, in the dropdown, I am unable to select Z Company (the company I created) nor Nexedi (the company in the manual. 


Please see the attached screenshot. 


The company name will not change in the tutorial. 

The tutorial seems to be not completly correct on the group and organisation part here. You basically pick VFIB (the only available group in the tutorial). As Company Z is part of the group, that's the only choice you have and there will be no other group in the tutorial.

Whenever the tutorial states to pick Nexedi or VIFIB it means you pick VFIB.