Nexedi Enterprise Free Software Meetup - Tokyo 2016

Nexedi KK oganizes on May 31st a presentation of the latest roadmap and success cases of ERP5 and other Free Software developed by Nexedi group. The meeting will be presentation by Yusei Tahara (CEO of Nexedi KK) and Jean-Paul Smets (CEO of Nexedi SA) who will be travelling in Japan . A special presentation will focus on Strategic Digital Reengineering (SDR), a novel approach for traditional corporations to reengineer their business processes based on digital technologies.

Nexedi Group is one of the largest publishers of Free / Open Source Software in the world, with 10 enteprise software and 10 millions line of source code. Users of Nexedi Free Software include include Airbus, Kyorin, Sankei, SANEF, MMC Rus(Russian distributor of Mitsubishi Motors), Guangken Rubber Group, Oregon Department of Transportation, Aide et Action, Institut Mines-Télécom, Woelfel Group, etc.

Place and date

Place: Room 3 of Net-conference, UDX building north 8F, Akihabara, Tokyo
Date : Tuesday May 31 13:00-17:00

To attend this event, please send an email to

Meeting agenda

  • Nexedi presentation
  • Nexedi software map (ERP5, SlapOS, Wendelin, NEO, OfficeJS, JIO, RenderJS, re6st, Webrunner, NayuOS)
  • Success cases
    • Sankei: Fully integrated single ERP that covers purchasing, manufacturing, sales
    • Kyorin: Collaborative agile development with Kyorin IT division and Nexedi
    • GKR: ERP deployment in 14 factories in 3 months in China thanks to offline HTML5 and re6st
    • MMC Rus: contract approval workflow for Sarbane Oxley compliance
    • Woelfel: industrial big data monitoring of wind turbines
    • SANEF Bip&Go: scaling ERP5 up to 200.000 invoice per night
    • Institut Mines-Télécom: SlapOS for big data center automation
  • Strategic Digital Reengineering: the fast path for large corporations to turn digital
  • Nexedi technology roadmap
    • Migrating ERP5 to NEO distributed NoSQL transactional database
    • RenderJS: ERP5's new user interface framework
    • Peer-to-peer business applications with JIO and WebRTC
    • MOLAP Business analytics using Pandas and Pivottable.js
    • OfficeJS: a full office suite in Javascript that can runn offline in the web browser
    • High performance Out-of-core data analytics in python with Wendelin.core
    • re6st: Building resilient scalable network
  • Discussion

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