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The new, high-performance VPSBrute servers bolster Rapid Space’s vast virtual private server (VPS) model

Paris, April 12th, 2021 - Rapid.Space today announces the launch of its new flagship servers, the VPSBrute model, to its global network. This new range of powerful servers is at the upper-end of Rapid.Space’s Hyperopen cloud products, and complements the standard VPS model available from Rapid.Space. It is immediately available in selected EU and Asian data centers before worldwide rollout commences.

The VPSBrute model provides 64 cores of AMD processing power, 1TB of RAM, and 16TB non-volatile memory express (NVMe) SSD disks. Initial deployments have shown that, compared to fastest public cloud services, a VPSBrute can reduce processing cost by 80% on ERP workloads of one million invoices and processing time by several hours. Harnessing the VPSBrute’s four NVMe SSD disks, a database can also utilise up to 20x more I/O compared to SATA SSD and 40,000x standard data center disks.

The VPSBrute servers aim to meet the clients’ transactional and computational needs, which are constantly increasing as more IoT and 5G networks are being rolled out globally – 1.9 billion mobile 5G subscriptions are forecast to be in operation worldwide by 2024. 

"We are focussing on two sides of the cloud – the edge, with our 5G edge computing and networking technology, and the backend, with our powerful central servers for heavy computational loads for which the VPSBrute will be our new workhorse machine,” said Jean-Paul Smets, CEO and founder of Rapid.Space.

“Rapid.Space is Hyperopen – we use open source software, open hardware, and all services are open-service. This means that anyone can not only join our network of over 220 points of presence, but also copy our Rapid.Space setup and use it to build their own public or private cloud. This openness will be a distinctive factor of the cloud infrastructure built through international collaboration, and VPSBrute will take us a step further towards this vision.”

Aside from the VPS model, Rapid.Space offers content delivery networking (CDN) and software-defined networking (SDN) through its network of 10 backend data centers and 220 edge points of presence around the world ensuring sovereignty in the respective countries by not owning servers and having them operated by local partners.

The new machines will be available through the Rapid.Space website from April 13th onwards.

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About is the high-performance and Hyperopen cloud provider created by Nexedi and Amarisoft to build an International cloud infrastructure focussing on openness, transparency, and reversibility. As co-founder of the SimpleRAN initiative and member of the Open Compute Project, Gaia-X and EANGTI, Rapid.Space strives to be at the forefront of next generation cloud computing infrastructure development, making a case for its Hyperopen architecture built from open source software, open hardware, and open services. 

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