How to Link People to Organisations

The photo of John Scott Doh and Z Commpany

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  • How to link a person to an existing organisation
  • How to link a person to a new organisation

In this tutorial you will learn how to link people and organisations. You might have noticed in the previous tutorials that persons and organisations are very important in ERP5, because they are the core of your business.

We have already showed you how to link people to his/her organisation through the person creation process, but now we will examine some of the details in depth to show you how you can link a person to an existing organisation or to a new organisation. As we have used VIFIB example to created a person and an organisation in the previous two tutorials, now we will continue using those two entities to explain how to link them together.


Link people to organisations example: John Scott Doh and Z Company

As we have created a person and an organisation in the first two tutorials, we are now going to use those two entities to explain how to link them together.

Linking to an existing organisation

Link people to exisiting organization in ERP5: Z Company

Already created in ERP5: YES

The easiest way to link a person to an organisation, is to create the organisation first. Once the organisation is created, you can link people to it by browsing the person's details and set the relationship with the existing organisation. As described in the previous tutorial, Z Company has already been created in ERP5, (see Tutorial "How to create Organisations"), we'll follow the organisation creation process to explain how to link a person to an existing organisation in ERP5.

Go to the person's page (1) From ERP5 home menu

Browse the 'Persons' database to reach the person's page

First, you need to go to the page of the person you want to link to the existing organisation. You can reach this page by browsing people from the home menu of ERP5 Express, or by clicking on “persons” in the “ERP5 modules” item list.

Click on “ERP5” on the bread crumb => Click on the “browse” tab => Click on "Persons"

Go to the person's page (1) From the “ERP5 Modules” item list

Open the ERP5 Modules list to reach the person's page

Open the “ERP5 Modules” item list => Click on "Persons"

Both ways will open the stored person list of ERP5.

Go to the person's page (2)

Click on person's line to reach person's page

Click on the line representing the person who's details you want to browse.

In our case, simply click on the line “John Doh”. Then you will reach the page of John Doh.If you don't see that line, please search for the person by typing "%John Doh%" in the tab "Usual Name" (You can use Fuzzy Enquiry method in ERP5 base data list page to search for any information you need). After you press the enter buttom on the keyborad, the line of John Doh will appear if you have created the person correctly according to the previous tutorial "How to create Persons"

Click on the "wheel"

Set relation: Click on the 'wheel'

Now you should have landed on John Doh's View page, from which we are going to set a relation between him and his company which has been created, Z Company, as described in the introduction of this tutorial.

Just next to the “organisation” field, you can see a wheel. This is the tool in ERP5 which allows you to set relations between different items. Here you use the wheel to link a person to an organisation that has been previously created in ERP5. So just click on this wheel, then it will open a list of all existing organisations.In our example, we want to link John Doh to Z Company, we have opened the page of John Doh, now after we click on the wheel, we can see different existing organisations (as shown in the following screenshot), and then choose Z Company that John Doh should be linked to.

Choose the organisation and set the relation

Set relation: choose the existing organisation

Here are three points you need to pay attention to in this step

(1)Choose the appropriate organisation:
Once the list of organisations is open, select the organisation you want to link the person with by checking the box on the left of the screen, in front of the appropriate organisation.

In our example, we want to link John Doh to Z Company, so we check the box on the left of Z Company, as you can see on the screen shot.

(2)Set relation:
When the appropriate box is checked, click the “set relation” button. This will link the person to the selected organisation, and lead you back to the person's details and save the data.

In our example, when the box next to Z Company has been checked, we can press the "set relation" button, which will link John Doh to Z Organisation, lead us back to John's page, and save the operation.

(3)Check the "plane" icon:
After you have set the relation, the "wheel" icon will change to a "plane" icon (as you can see in the following screen shot), which meens that you have set a relation between two items in ERP5, and this "plane" icon can lead you to the related subject. In our example, once the "wheel" turns into the "plane", John Doh is related to Z Company, and then you can check the relation by clicking on the "plane" to go to the page of Z Company.

Check the relation (1)

Check relation: Click on the 'plane'

1. Go to the organisation's page.

Now that the relation is set, we will check that the operation worked correctly. To do this, go to the appropriate organisation's page, and make sure that the person is related to it.

To go to the organisation's page, you can either use one of the methods you learned in the previous tutorials (eg, browse the base data in the ERP5 home page, or use the “ERP5 Modules” item list on top of the page), or use this new method - the "plane"

In our example, now that we have set the relation between John Doh and Z Company, in John Doh's page, we can click on the “plane” icon next to his organisation Z Company, which opens the View page of Z Company.

Check the relation (2)

Check relation: Check the person's line

2. Check on the linked person's information line.

Check on the bottom of the organisation's page you have just reached and then click on the line of the appropriate person who has been linked to it. In our example, on the bottom of the page of Z Company, we can see the line “John Doh”with his basic information. This line confirms that John Doh has been linked to his company Z Company, as a Marketing Manager.

Linking to a new organisation

Link people to new organization Y Company

Already created in ERP5: No

ERP5 allows you to create a new organisation directly from a person's View page, in this way you can link a person to the organisation directly.

Now let's see a new example: Lei XU is working for the Y Company. First, create the person, just like you learned to create a new person in the tutorial "How to create Persons". Now let's see how can we link him directly to the new company.

Go to the person's page

Set relation: go to person's page

First you need to go the View page of the person you want to link to the organisation.

Type the organisation's name

Set relation: type new organisation's name and save

Once have created the person Lei XU, just type the name of his/her organisation in the “organisation” field. When you are ready, click the save button on the right of the screen.

Add organisation

Set relation: add new organisation

ERP5 will alert you that the organisation that you try to link your person to does not exist, but offers you to create it. If you accept, the related organisation will be created, and the person will be directly linked to it.
To do this, first browse the item menu circled in red, then click on “add organisation”. This will create the organisation and save the operation automatically.

You can now check that everything worked fine by going to the related organisation's page. To do this, you can use one of the methods you learned in the first tutorials, or simply click on the "plane" icon next to the "organisation” field. This will lead you to the related organisation's page (as described in the first part of this tutorial).

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