The OSOE program is a real good place to conduct academic research and to collaborate to innovate in the field of Cloud Computing, Information technologies, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.

Research programs

Members of the OSOE program have already performed successful research programs. Those programs involved universities and companies from the open source industry.

Members of the OSOE project are willing to start new researches. The OSOE project is a good place to meet actors of the open source industry and universities involved in open research programs.

We hope the below list will grow.

Project Name

Description Members


2005 - 2008

"The project aims to study and solve problems associated with the production, management and distribution of open source software packages." - Paris 7
- Tel Aviv
- Zurich and Geneva Universities
- Caixa Magica
- Nexedi
- Nuxeo
- Edge-IT
- CSP Torino



"The goal of the project is to provide a formal proof and an experimental proof of the NEO protocol. The NEO protocol is a fully distributed and transactional protocol designed persistent object storage on a Cloud Computing infrastructure."

See Systematic NEOPPOD project

- Armines Fontainebleau
- Pilot Systems
- Université de Dakar
- Université Paris Nord 13
- Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6
- Mandriva
- Sanef
- Nexedi


2009 - current

TioSafe project is about economic intelligence 2.0. This project has two goals:
  • Give a simple way to integrate a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.
  • Reduce the risk of the competitive intelligence related to the Cloud Computing.

See Systematic TioSafe project Page

- Nexedi
- Oxatis
- Institut Télécom

Academic Publications

Academic publications are also made even outside the framework of a specific research project. Here is a list of publications which have been made in famous place such as  IEEE, IFIP and ACM about OSOE technologies.

IEEE Publications

IFIP Publications

IJEIS Publication


Students Thesis

Students have successfully benefit of OSOE platform as part of their curriculum. OSOE welcomes students in PhD or in Diploma thesis to use the platform to help the progress of science and pedagogy.

If you are a student and want to benefit from the OSOE project to access the latest technologies and conduct research for your thesis, please contact us. If you already have written your thesis and think we should add a link to it here, please contact us.

List of Thesis