Level: Undergraduate / Graduate Duration: 8 x 3 hours
Technical requirements: Internet connexion with standard compliant webbrowser Contributors: Jean-Paul Smets, Jacques Honoré


  • The first goal is to teach universal workflows in companies. By doing so, students will be able to understand fundamentals of how companies are organized and how ERP systems help companies to improve their performance by managing their business process.
  • The second goal is observe how workflows are implemented in an ERP. For this we will use ERP5 instances delivered through SlapOS to each student of this lesson. Students will then be able to practice each workflow as company staff do everyday.
  • The third goal is to use information available in ERP/CRM/DMS systems and learn how to produce useful reports. This is performed through an introduction to Data Mining.
  • The fourth goal is to teach how to configure and ERP through the definition of so-called categories. Since the configuration is made through a spreadsheet, no programming skills are needed and the focus is kept on management and organization rather than on technical details.


Session 1: Carreers and assignments

Sessions 2: CRM Events

Session 3: CRM Tickets and Campaigns

Session 4: Sales Orders

Session 5: Sales Packing Lists

Session 6: IFRS Accounting

Session 7: Document Management

Session 8: Data Mining


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