Request your ERP5 Instance on SlapOS

You are going to learn how to get one ERP5 Instance on few very few simple click...


ERP5 Web site

Access the web site and click on Try ERP5 button

Click on Get ERP5 Link...

Get ERP5 Link

Click on "Get ERP5 on SlapOS Now" to request one ERP5 instance on SlapOS platform.

Login on SlapOS

SlapOS front Page
Login on or create one new account in a single click.

Instance is requested

Instance was requested

Your instance was requested. Now you only have to wait. This process can take a while (1 hour for example), depending the load of the system. If you have problems please use forum.

Access your Instance

Access your Instance

Access your instance by clicking on the URL provided by SlapOS. You might have to add "/erp5" to the end of the shown URL to connect to your ERP5 instance, like the example:


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