Virtual Box Initial Launch not working
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I have installed the ERP 5 Virtual Machine Virtual Box as instructed but the program doesn't launch. 

I had an error in the beginning after extracting the file , that my VTx was disabled but using the link below, I enabled the VTx in the BIOS. 

After rebooting the Laptop and I tried to launch the Virtual Box but it doesn't go past a certain loading screen. I have attached in the below both the screenshots of the Virtual Box settings and the loading screen, at which the program gets stuck and doesn't proceed further. That's why I am not even able to come to the initial log in screen where I can put in the username and password. 


Could you please look into it and suggest a solution. 

Thank you. 


Harpreet Singh 


I am also attaching the Virtual Box Log File if it helps further to solve the problem I am facing of launching the Virtual box. 

You didn't read the tutorial carefully enough. 

In your screenshot I can see that you used a wrong operating system (WIN10). The tutorial tells you to use openSuse(64-bit).