Tutorial 3: How to create Sale Orders
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Sir in tutorial 3 in the section; Jump to "Related Sale Packing List" my sale oder is confirmed but there is no sale packing list related to the sale order. I thought creating a related sale packing list could solve the problem but unfortubatly it did not work because on the next excercise there was equally no sale invoice transaction related. Please assit


Brunel Ngoufack


Here is the second screenshot


There seems to be an issue with the automatically generated Sale Packing List and Invoice Transaction.

Please make them manually and rely them to the Sales Order.

If you face more problems there, skip this part and continue with the tutorial.

Sir I was able to create the related sale packing list manually. But for the invoice I have not seen anywhere under the modules a place to create an invoice. The sale invoice is related to screenshot 19. Will leaving this part out implies I will not get all the 40% for the tutorials?



Sir I tried going forward with the other tutorials but but it always bring me back to the invoice.for example I can not manage the invoice on section 4 tutorial 2 if I do not have one. I can not also create a payment since I have to create it from the invoice. Please assist.