Tutoria 2: How to create new User
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Sir after creating the two persons ( Cedric de saint martin and Yingjie XU) I was not able to create new user log in.

These are the steps I followed:

1. I created the new person

2. I validated the person

3. I started the Assignment

4. I could not find " Create User" under Workflows as indicated in the tutorial. 

please see screenshot below and assist




Yeah, well.

You cannot create a person inside a person.

You have to go to /er5/persons to add a new one.

Sorry for misunderstanding your question. 

The problem with creating a new user (and not a new person) is in the tutorial. There is no "create user" in the sidebar as shown in the tutorial. But you can do the following steps:

  • log in as zope again (pckalbxs) 
  • Go to "Modules" - "Persons" and choose the person that you want to create the login for.
  • choose "+Add" - "ERP5 Login" - "Create Document".  
  • Add the User Login and the password.
  • Now switch to the "Assignment" view and click on the newly created login (which is still in Draft state). 
  • Click on "Actions" and select "Validate" - and "Validate" one more time. 
  • You can now log off from zope and the new ERP5 login that you created.
  • After the test, log in with jingjing.xu again to continue with the tutorials.