Related Sale Packing List
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I have  just validated the Sale Order and cannot reach the "Related Sale Packing List". Having waited for long time for the little clock on the right of the screen which means that the application is applying the requested changes after the sales order have been confirmed.

Kindly find attached the screenshot of the page where i got stick on the sales packing list.

kind regards,

Adeniran Sodiq.


Do you see a "packing list" in the module sale packing list? Maybe you can relate it manually to the sale order?


I have been trying to add the packing list manually but I did not get it right still. Can you please give me a step by step idea on how to add it because I need it to proceed to the next stage.


Well, a step by step guide is the tutorial itself. It seems that you maybe have overseen a step before or an information is missing maybe in the "general sales trade condition". 

What about the sale packing list? Can you provide a screenshot of your list(s). Is it there and only not related correctly or does it not appear at all?

Kindly find attached the screenshot of the packing list.


Your Sale Packing List is missing the product, the quantity and price in the sale packing list line. 

I suggest you repeat the steps by creating a new sale order and make sure to always fill out the order lines and validate / confirm it. Than check if you get a related packing list. 

If this doesn't work, reach out to me via mail.


Also make sure, that you apply a correct Sale Trade Conditions (Apply in Action Menue) in the sale order and make sure, that the sale trade condition has an effective date in the past and an expiration date in the future.