Facing issues creating logging
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Hello Sir, I have been facing issues creating a logging username and password. Actually when I create one, and then log out. When i am trying to log in with my own details it does not work it says either the username or password is incorrect, but this is not true because i try the correct details and it still does not work. I have tried to uninstall erp5 operating system over and over again. But I still end up with the same issue, even tried using another laptop to create the logging details and it still does not work through for me. I am already doing my assignment but the name logged in is "zope", i do not know what to do and if i should continue with that.

In the moodle troubleshooting you are told to "Add" and "ERP5 Login" document to the person. What you are missing is the validation of this Login too. 

In the new Interface (which you should use) it should look like this:

Okay Sir, but that was not my actual issue but thank you for the correction, I will look into it and fix it. But i meant my log in name is still Zope which is supposed to be my own username logged in the erp5 system but it does not work. I create it and log out and try to log in, it only continues to say error with the log in. So then i get back to use zope so i can log in and continue with my assignment. I do not know if i should continue as zope, if not then what can i do?