Confused about the accounts
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I am just wondering, which account should we actually use to solve the tutorials. The "zope" account or the "jingjing.xu" account. I am just confused because from what i got from the lecture is that, we were supposed to login as "zope" and change the user from "jingjing.xu" to our names but it was not clear if were to use "zope" or our own accounts(replacement for jingjing.xu) to solve the tutorials. I had an error and i came across a solution that led to my confusion. I have included an image below. The solution to the error says at the end we are supposed to log in as "jingjing.xu" and not "zope" and solve the tutorials with this account further. Could you please clarify this for me, thank you in advance.


Philip Akinyi


you are supposed to use the jingjing.xu replacement for the tutorial. You overwrite the name of jingjing.xu account with your name and therefore you change the person name. But the USER stands for your login details and means the user and password you need to log in. Person and user are two different things. Person is the name in the erp5 system while user is for your login details.

I hope this helps to reduce your confusion.

Best regards

Okay, i understand now.