Frontend nstance won't deploy on COMP-0

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Frontend nstance won't deploy on COMP-0

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I've installed the master standalone and the first node as per the official instructions.

The frontend does not deploy to comp-0 no matter what I try. I've reformatted the node, updated SSL permissions, still nothing.

Server is correctly polling the master and software is correctly installed.  

Can't find any errors in any of the logs on both the master and the slave. 


Here's my example XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <parameter id="public-ipv4"></parameter>
    <parameter id="ip-read-limit">40</parameter>
    <parameter id="apache-key">REMOVED</parameter>
    <parameter id="apache-certificate">REMOVE</parameter>
    <parameter id="apache-ca-certificate">REMOVE</parameter>
    <parameter id="domain"></parameter>
    <parameter id="-frontend-quantity">1</parameter>
    <parameter id="-sla-1-computer_guid">COMP-0</parameter>


Any help would be greatly appreciated (i.e. where should I look for errors)


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