ERP5 Consulting and Configuration Questionnaire

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  • The interview and the questionnaire
  • Preceding steps for the interview
  • Questionnaire objectives

Now you have worked through the tutorials to understand ERP-Systems, we will now start to perform a consulting process for an ERP implementation using the on-line questionnaire system. In this presentation, you will know what do you have to prepare for this task and understand what the ERP Consulting and Configuration Questionnaire is needed for.

The interview and the quetionnaire

The interview and the quetionnaire

Our interview is a bilateral process between the interviewer and the interviewee - the company. A questionnaire is used to extract information about the company in a way which allows for the ERP configuration to be filled. The results of the interview shall be able to be transferred on-line.

Preceding steps

  • Work through the tutorials to understand ERP-Systems
  • Find a company
  • Register at (First and Last Name, eg, "John Doe", Password, etc.)

Please ensure you completed the steps listing above before you continue filling the questionnaire.

Questionnaire objectives

Questionnaire objectives

The objectives of the questionnaire are listed above.

The starting point is to analyze what the company's strong point is. This is necessary to prevent changes in this field. Additionally, asking about positive processes first results in a more open communication culture in the interview.

Secondly, the weak point has to be analyzed. This could be a process which is inefficient, redundant or over-sized. It is most important to provide an explicit description of the process with all relevant key questions.

Thirdly, ERP5 is used to improve the weak point of the organisation. The goal is to find and describe a possible future application area where ERP5 can be introduced.

The final goal is to provide the information about the facets of the company to enable the configuration sheets to be filled in.

To achieve all goals, all questions have to be checked for their answers' quality, explicitness and completeness.

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